According to the 2007 Agriculture Census, approximately 664,264 farmers and ranchers have a barn built before 1960.

Photography Source: Andrew Naeger

In 1916 only 16 million acres of farm land were irrigated, in 2011 54.9 million acres were irrigated.

Photography Source: USDA Photo by Lance Cheung

Careful stewardship by farmers has spurred a nearly 50 percent decline in erosion of cropland by wind and water since 1982.

Photography Source: Andrew Naeger


USDA helped 456,000 rural families in more than 21,000 communities buy or refinance a home in 2009-2011.

Photography Source: USDA Blog


Studies conducted by the U.S. departments of Agriculture and Energy show that biodiesel can reduce life-cycle greenhouse gases by 78 percent, which helps fight global warming.

Since 2009, USDA helped approximately 13,000 rural small businesses, farmers and ranchers install renewable energy systems that save enough power to power 590,000 American homes for a year.

Photography Source: USDA


Ethanol production saved Americans $1.09 per gallon of gas in 2011.

Image Source: USDA


Rural residents are about 12% more likely than the general population to believe generic or store-brand products are just as good as brand-name products.

Source: MRI

California almond growers produce nearly 100% of the U.S. supply of almonds and more than 75% of worldwide production

Photography Source: Almond Board

26% of Ag Retailers have both a smartphone and a tablet

Source: Ag Retailer Mobile Usage Survey - 2012